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Greece: reinforcing VET permeability

Law 4521/2018, published in March 2018, provides for a 5% quota in higher education programmes for upper secondary vocational education (Epaggelmatiko Lykeio, EPAL) graduates. This quota is additional to the total number of non-VET students entering higher education programmes.

Up till now, the EPAL graduate quota was 1%. For the academic year 2018-19, the quota for admission to schools of the newly founded Western Attica University will be increased by 5%. This law is also linked to the restructuring of technological educational institutes (TEI).

A joint ministerial decision (JMD), published in March 2018 (FEK No 983/B’/20-3-2018), put the new law into immediate effect. The JMD foresees access procedures for EPAL graduates to university schools (AEI); TEI; the School of Pedagogical and Technological Education (ASPETE); higher education schools of tourism (ASTE); higher military schools of armed force non-commissioned officers; schools of police station officers; schools of fire fighters; and Naval Academy Schools (AEN).

The law and JMD also include detailed provisions defining candidates eligible for higher-education admission examinations, examination procedures, and examination centres. They also reference previous to current EPAL sectors to safeguard the rights of older EPAL graduates.


Date: 14/05/2018


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